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Find a Central Agent

By proposing your yacht for charter, you can generate profits on the ownership of your yacht and by finding a formidable partner to provide this service, this can be done with absolute ease and security. Appointing a Central Agent ensures that a specialised professional will manage the chartering of your yacht, simplifying the process as your sole point of contact.

BGYG will be at your beckon call for all of your questions and queries. Our reputation as well as industry-specific marketing know-how, allows us to maximise interest and optimise the number of weeks your yacht is chartered for. Deciding the rates, creating marketing materials, accounting, facilitating communication between parties and the supervision of charters is our reponsability as Charter Central Agent.

yacht’s potential

The BGYB team knows the importance of defining, with precision, the capabilities of each yacht in order to unlock its potential. When offering your yacht on the charter market, she needs to meet a number of criteria to assure client comfort, satisfaction and safety. It will also be important to consider that the yacht assures suitable crew quarters and that your yacht is marketed at the appropriate charter rate.

Our primary objective is to determine your yacht’s strengths in order to decide the right charter rate to optimise the number of charters aboard your yacht each year. BGYB’s experience in yacht charter and yacht management allows us to operate in a dynamic way, assuring that we are always in tune with the market.

How to put your yacht on the charter market

Offering your yacht for charter is easy; simply contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. Following our preliminary conversations, we will ask you for a few specific pieces of information about your yacht, in order to study its potential on the market. We will then provide you with a detailed proposal. If you accept, a contract will be signed and we will start marketing your yacht straight away. For more information on charter boat management with BGYB, go to the "Yacht Charter Management" page

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